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Google Data Studio
Data science is a current trend that will have a significant impact on digital marketing. Google Data Studio enables digital firms to maintain the power of ‘data’ while implementing digital marketing goals.

Google Data Studio is included in the Google Analytics Enterprise package.
This is a little costly, but it is useful for experts. It is currently in beta, but it is simple to use and has a user-friendly interface. It comes with a certified short course that will help you gain experience with it and put it to good use.

The certification is divided into four sections, all of which are equally important for people planning to utilize Google Data Studio. The sections are: Welcome to Data Studio; Navigate Data Studio; Create your first report, and format and design reports.

Welcome to Google Data Studio.
The first section seeks to provide an overview of the entire system. It teaches the fundamentals, which most users are already familiar with. If you aren’t, this is ideal for you. It will begin from scratch, allowing you to gain a foundation for using the tool and its capabilities. Offering official names and phrases benefits folks who are familiar with similar offline tools and software.

Navigate to Data Studio.
The second portion is much more specific to the individual aspects. It provides an ‘interactive walkthrough’ of the homepage, highlighting details and features with suggestions on how to use them or where they may be useful. With more new knowledge than the first segment, it provides a deeper understanding of how the entire system works. This is especially important for those who are new to the concept of data sharing and reporting.

Create your first report.
This stage, like the second segment, consists of many walk-throughs. However, these walkthroughs will teach you how to connect to and edit your data source. It provides easier-to-apply techniques for a variety of topics, making it a useful part for everyone.

It teaches you how to calculate a metric first, then how to make and style charts. This is useful regardless of your level of experience. It next shows how to add date controls, and the section concludes with the process of distributing the report. While this contains many of the same ideas as Section 1, it is more application-focused.

Format and design reports.
Despite the absence of walkthroughs, this is the most significant portion. It provides a notion of what you should anticipate and hope to achieve from the tool through its visual presentation and content. It also provides guidance on the subjects and the final appearance of the reports.

This certification may be more valuable to those who have no prior expertise with reports and tools of this nature. However, even if you have prior expertise, it is recommended that you go with it because it serves as a foundation for the tool’s minimal peculiarities. It may not be innovative, but it is worth the effort for both new and experienced users. Obtaining the certification and following the YouTube lessons make usage much more convenient.

Staying up-to-date on such current developments allows a digital advertising agency to stay ahead of the competition and use its skills to benefit its clients. According to specialists at Red Berries Digital, data is a new power, and those that harness it will succeed in digital marketing.

When working with our clients, we believe in refreshing concepts to be the herald of change in the digital marketing industry. This entails reviewing and monitoring concrete data mining and analytics campaigns in a highly transparent manner. This will be a game-changer in the years ahead.
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